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Review of Zombies of Iwo Jima by Dane Hatchell

5 Stars-This just reinforces why I’m a Dane Hatchell fan!!-Zombies of Iwo Jima by Dane Hatchell successfully combines history & zombie fiction, to make a wonderfully frightening and superbly gory little tale. Our boys are fighting the war, stuck on Iwo Jima, trying to survive the visciously cruel Japanese. As if that isn’t bad enough, toss in Japanese zombies, munching away on their enemy. Hatchell does an amazing job of integrating zombies into historical facts, to make another new twist on the genre, and makes for a very entertaining, and even educational, read for all lovers of the genre. Way to go Dane!!! Here’s the link:

🙂 Susan


Review of Beauty Is A Beast (Zombie Fairy Tales #5) by Kevin Richey

5 Stars-Undead for all time…Probably my favorite so far, Beauty Is A Beast, the fifth installment in Zombie Fairy Tales by Kevin Richey, is the story of Belle, who’s father sold her to royalty, in order to be eaten by the undead son. He refuses to hurt her, and the two form a bond that cannot be understood by anyone who knows him. As they plan their escape, the relationship becomes much more, & will stand the test of time, so to speak. Another tale for any horror fan to enjoy!!

Review of Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4) by Kevin Richey

5 Stars-A Bloody Good Time!! To Grandmother’s house we go….While travelling through the forest, Red, her grandmother, and the huntsman, Red’s admirer, run across wolves. Not just any wolves, undead wolves. Being left behind while Red & her grandmother escape, the huntsman manages to kill the alpha wolf, but is ravaged & taken to a mysterious cave by the remaining wolves. becoming the alpha himself, all he wants is to get back to Red. Red, back home with her family, wants nothing more than to be left alone, and has no desire to marry. The huntsman returns for her though, and will do anything to have her by his side. Another fairy tale with a wixked & dark twist, Blood Red Riding Hood, the fourth in Zombie Fairy Tales by Kevin Richey, is another prime example of why you need to read all of these books!!

Review of The Zombie Pinocchio (Zombie Fairy Tales #3) by Kevin Richey

5 Stars-Zombie Fairy Tales are better than ever!! The third installment, The Zombie Pinocchio by Kevin Richey, is so far, the best in the series. Again, taking gruesome & gory liberties with the traditional story we all know, Geppetto makes Pinocchio from the bodies of corpses. He finds, however, that the boy is murderous, and tries to stop him. Mayhem ensues, and the story takes an unexpected turn. A sure fire hit for any horror fan, the series continues to bring what’s promised…Zombies, guts, gore, and more than a little dark humor!!

Review of Hansel and Gretel Are Dead (Zombie Fairy Tales #2) by Kevin Richey

5 Stars-Keeps Getting Better & Better!!! Hansel & Gretel Are Dead, the second in the series by Kevin Richey, is another horrifically wonderful tale, taking the traditional story & adding a lot of gory twists. After being turned into miniature zombies by a disease, the poor kiddies are led into the dark forest by good old Mom & Dad. After being left behind to rot, they happen upon the home of a canniballistic old woman, who has every intention on eating our little heroes. But little does she know that Hansel & Gretel are more than they appear….Another win for Richey, and another great story to read!!

Review of Zombie Cinderella (Zombie Fairy Tales #1) by Kevin Richey

5 Stars-A great start for a great new series!! Who doesn’t like fairy tales? The little kid in all of us does, just admit it. It’s a guilty pleasure. Zombie Cinderella, the first book in Kevin Richey’s Zombie Fairy Tales, is a delightfully gruesome spin on the traditional yarn. Literally worked to death by her evil stepmother & step sisters, Cinderella gets her revenge in the most horrific of ways. If you love fairy tales & you love zombies, you’ll absolutely LOVE the first installment of a series that’s sure to be a winner for any horror fan!!

The South Will Rise Again by Jeffrey Kosh

5 Stars-The South rose…A single soldier awakens on a battlefield. He thinks he is the lone survivor of a bloody, brutal battle. He was wrong…Very, very wrong. The South Will Rise Again is another wonderful tale by Jeffrey Kosh. Never failing to be intriguing, Kosh spins yet another tale that balances the horrifying, with the factual, with the heart-wrenching. A very cerebral writer, Kosh truly makes you think, & wonder what would have happened if…? A sure win amongst horror fans, The South Will Rise Again is sure to please even the most critical of horror fans. Here’s the Amazon link:

Dead Men Tell No Tales by Jeffrey Kosh

5 Stars-Argh!!! The Risen shall plague ye….Jeffrey Kosh truly has an amazing talent for making you feel a part of any of his stories. Dead Men is no different. A swashbuckling pirates tale, Captain Drake confides in a new member of his crew, the story of the Risen & how they came to be a part of & end the plague on mankind. Terrifying, colorful & thought provoking, Kosh, once again, does not fail to make you feel like you are actually part of his story. Hold on to your ropes, kids, it’s going to be a hell of a ride!!! Here’s the Amazon link:

Stryx by Jeffrey Kosh

5 Stars-A compelling story, full of terrorific fun!! Another hit in this readers book!!! Stryx, the ancient Roman & Greek word for owl, is a short story of terror. Very Poe-esc & Lovecraftian by design, Jeffrey Kosh once again spins a tale of terror that makes you think. Kosh has a knack for sucking you in to his universe. Another must read for anyone who loves a good terror tale, but who also like to think as they travel along the road.  Here’s the Amazon link: