Review of Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4) by Kevin Richey

5 Stars-A Bloody Good Time!! To Grandmother’s house we go….While travelling through the forest, Red, her grandmother, and the huntsman, Red’s admirer, run across wolves. Not just any wolves, undead wolves. Being left behind while Red & her grandmother escape, the huntsman manages to kill the alpha wolf, but is ravaged & taken to a mysterious cave by the remaining wolves. becoming the alpha himself, all he wants is to get back to Red. Red, back home with her family, wants nothing more than to be left alone, and has no desire to marry. The huntsman returns for her though, and will do anything to have her by his side. Another fairy tale with a wixked & dark twist, Blood Red Riding Hood, the fourth in Zombie Fairy Tales by Kevin Richey, is another prime example of why you need to read all of these books!!


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