What Zombies Fear by Kirk Allmond-A Review

A review of What Zombies Fear by Kirk Allmond-5 Stars-Zombies Fear…Victor Tookes!! An exciting new series from an exciting author! What Zombies Fear by Kirk Allmond takes the genre to a whole new level. Victor Tookes started out as a relatively mild mannered, blue collar worker, and ended up a superhero of sorts. The basic premise of the story is a father fighting unbeatable odds in order to protect the ones he loves, especially his son, Max. Allmond adds his own twists to the zombie genre, using alien parasites as the catalyst for the apocalypse. Not all zombies, however, are mindless, eating machines. Oh no, some of them are intelligent & have special abilities. But, so do some of our heroes, who are immune to the bite of a zombie. Well written, colorfully descriptive, & engrossing, What Zombies Fear will grab you from the very beginning & takes you along for a thrilling ride into the magnificent universe, created by the mind of Allmond. A story of grief, love, sorrow, hope, desperation, & survival, What Zombies Fear is a huge hit in this readers opinion!! Sure to be a knock out series!!! Here’s the link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005M3M80A/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img


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