Just a quick note….My totally awesome partner, Doree Anne, & I are conspiring as of late. We have some new projects getting ready to fire off that we’re truly hoping will be a bit revolutionary, as well as beneficial to all involved. In the meantime, I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted links to the projects we’re CURRENTLY involved in….So here goes….

Horror Zedits & Last Writes – Professional Editing Services – Providing editing services to writers & authors of horror fiction

The Official Horror Zedits Blog – Professional Editing Services for Horror Fiction – And it’s also where we blog about, well, books, authors &

As soon as the new projects officially launch, trust me, I’ll be letting you know!! In the meantime, if you are an author, or know an author, & are in need of some editing or publishing help, feel free to contact us & we’ll get you all set up!! We heart us some indie authors!!!

Thrills & Chills!!

😉 Susan




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