In other literary news…

Another good friend of mine, Armand Rosamilia, has been a busy boy today!! Let’s see, his Novel, Dying Shortly will be a free giveaway on Amazon on Thrusday and he’s been writing up a storm (lol) on his latest book. His newest release, Death.Bones.Cenote is an amazing collection of three shorts that was read & reviewed by yours truly. You can check him out at his Amazon page and also here on WordPress Let’s give him a hand!!!






~ by susanmc1127 on April 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “In other literary news…”

  1. Also, he’ll be doing a book reading and signing at Florida Steampunk Exhibition East this weekend! So excited!

  2. I’ve been following Armand for quite a few months now. An amazing author.

    • Yes he is! I’ve been following him for quite some time & only just recently started working with him. I love his take on the zombie genre. It’s very refreshing…

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