Review posted on March 21, 2012

Rage by Lee Pletzers

★★★★-This should be all the rage!!

John & Sally have faced incomprehesible issues. John’s father starts munching away on their three year old daughter, she turns, & they both have to be put down. They’re on the run from zombies & surviving is tough. They find a camp of survivors, and are welcomed with open arms. In a selfless act of kindness, John gets bitten by a fallen comrade. Now his “friends” have him locked up & are waiting for him to turn. Only he doesn’t. It appears as thought he’s immune, but that doesn’t mean anything to the others around him, except his wife. Captured while on the run, a doctor trying to find a cure experiments on him, and turns him into a living weapon. Still partially human, when he becomes enraged, he physically changes into something more, something not human at all. Now he’s on the search for his missing wife & nothing is going to stop him. Lee Pletzers does an amazing job of story telling. My only even remotely negative comment is that it’s too short. I would love to see this as a full length novel. Completely engaging, I was unable to put it down for very long. I truly enjoyed his take on the genre, it’s somthing different than your typical zombie read. I truly hope to see more of this story, and I can’t wait for the next one!


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