Review posted on March 21, 2012

Eric S. Brown is another recently acquired friend. A colorful author, his wife just had a baby AND he has a novel being made into a movie. Having read a few of his books, this was the first review I had done for him.

Cowboys Vs Zombies by Eric S. Brown

★★★★★-The wild, wild dead…

Eric Brown does not cease to amaze. Cowboys vs Zombies is a tale of terror set in the old west. Gunslingers abound, as do the walking dead. Our protagonist, Dilouie, finds himself right smack in the middle of a town full of what he’s been trying to avoid, yep, you guessed it, zombies. Fighting along side some of the town residents, can they make their escape from the encroaching horde? Eric also throws in a few surprises, and takes a very interesting turn in the genre. Entertaining, engaging, gory & gruesome, Cowboys vs Zombies is sure to please the most avid zombie fan. Well written, the plot & character development are superb. Another hit for Eric S. Brown!! Sure to make a newcomer a fan for life!


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