Review posted on March 12, 2012

Again, as soon as I saw this was out, well, you know…:) If you go a few pages in, you’ll find my name amongst all the people who requested to be in the “Thank You” section of Mark’s book….

Zombie Fallout 5: Alive In A Dead World by Mark Tufo

★★★★★-The fallout continues…

I started this series quite a while ago, & immediately fell in love with it. Mark Tufo is one of the authors responsible for rediscovering my love for zombies. In Zombie Fallout 5, we revisit the Talbots & their continued stuggle for survival. Mark does an amazing job with storytelling. Always very detailed, Mark once agains weaves a story of love, hate, hope & despair. As in the previous novels, Michael is still locked in a constant, seemingly never ending battle with our villan, Eliza. There are VERY unexpected twists & turns that leave you desperately waiting for the next installment. Tufo doesn’t create a rainbows & butterflies universe, but rather a more realistic one, where people live & people die, even the ones you love. Kudos to you, Mark…you’ve sucessfully done it again…


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