Review posted on March 12, 2012

Jerry McKinney is another author who is a friend.  Hailing from my old stomping grounds, he & I share a passionate love for fried chicken gizzards…I will be doing an interview with Jerry very soon…Stay tuned…In the mean time, here’s a review of the first book of his I read.

In Extremis by Jerry McKinney

★★★★★-At the point of death…the dead shall rise

If you’re familiar with zombies, then you already know that no one is safe. Not even a priest. In Extremis is a short that tells the tale of Father Job, who never lost faith through the zombie apocalypse. He was there to give hope, even when hope seemed to be lost. Claire was there through it all, and was there to take care of Father Job. This is their story. Not overly graphic, but very well told. Jerry pays attention to detail. The end will surprise you. Not all hope is lost. A great book that makes you think & re-evaluate what we think we know about the zombie genre. A very good read!!!


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