Review posted on March 12, 2012

Yep, Ian did another box set & asked me if I’d do a review for him….Of course I did!!! I love me some Ian!!! 🙂

The Shuffling Dead Box-set by Ian Woodhead

★★★★★-Shuffling to a neighborhood near you…

Ian Woodhead’s Zombie Armageddon series is, simply put, brilliant. Violent & graphic, Ian spares no detail in his storytelling. The series starts with The Unwashed Dead, in the unsavory area of Breakspear Gardens, where the denizens are violent, drug addicted folks. You’d think they’d seen & done it all, except, the dead start to walk. Violence, mayhem & lots of gore ensue. In Walking With Zombies, the poor seniors get a run for their money as the outbreak spreads & they’re trapped in the Stockholm Club. Zombie Dead occirs in Seeton, a little English village that’s home to a man harboring a terrible secret. All three novels are amazingly well told, and don’t spare your feelings (or your appetite for that matter). One of the things I love about Ian is he always stays true to his heritage, never waivering from what he knows. While for some, there may be a bit of confusion with his use of “English” English, it’s very entertaining & quite educational (LOL). All in all, I highly recommend this series of books. It will make you wonder just what that bump is in the night….


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