Review posted on January 6, 2012

Zombie Armageddon 1: The Unwashed Dead by Ian Woodhead

★★★★★-ARRGGGHHHH!!! Zombies!!!

Simply put, I loved this book!!! Having previously read some of Ian’s work, I was again, unable to be disappointed. Ian’s quirky characters are always a delight, & he ALWAYS stays true to who he is, a British male. I’ve always loved how he never strays from his heritage when writing. Always write what you know! Some Americans may have a bit of a go at trying to figure out some of the British terminology, but I personally, find it refreshing & entertaining. The book does not lack in zombie carnage, & Ian does a fantastic job of really describing all the bloody details. Upon reading some of the reviews, it comes to mind that Ian really kept our current state of society in mind when writing the characters. The younger generation approaches the zombie invasion much as they would a video game, whilst the older ones are completely terrified. Our younger kids have become somewhat desensitized, so the approach that they take in the book is not unrealistic. Already being a huge fan of Ian’s, reading this just reiterates why I love him so!!! Great job Ian & thank you for being you!!!


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