Review posted on January 17, 2012

Spores by Ian Woodhead

★★★★★-The fungus among us….

Again, I state, I am a huge Ian Woodhead fan. This book is not typical Ian, but don’t let that deter you. Ian is a phenomenal writer, who writes a great storyline, colourful characters, and plenty of gore with the ease of a seasoned pro. The book is more sci-fi than his others, about a fungus, or spores, that invade our population & decimates our over 40’s. We’re left with everyone under 40 fighting for survival. You kind of get an idea about how this may end, the odds being stacked against anyone making it out alive or unaltered. He left it wide open for a sequel, which I sincerely hope he will do. What you will notice, is that although the book does not follow Ian’s norm as far as genre, you do realise that this book really IS done in true Ian style. I love using the term “English English”, since we Americans truly understand what that entails. His use of language & extreme descriptiveness is part of what makes Ian Woodhead such a great writer, in this readers opinion.


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