Review posted on January 10, 2012

Highway To Hell by Armand Rosamilia

★★★★★-Travelling on the highway to hell…

Read Highway to Hell as part of Armand’s Extreme Zombie Collection. Having previously read Dying Days, I had a feel for his writing. I wasn’t disappointed here. I love his use of vulgarity & extremly graphic gore. His take on the genre is different, this isn’t your typical zombie story kids!! The cravings of the zombies go beyond eating brains, and the kill scenes are very graphic. I have an active imagination, so picturing this in my head was pretty gruesome! For me, the gorier, the better. The characters have some depth, although their development could go a little deeper. I was surprised & very pleased at the ending of the story. The bad guys get theirs, in true horror style!! Loved it & am eagerly consuming the next one!!!


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