Review posted on February 19, 2012

Death Throes by Ian Woodhead

★★★★★-An Ian Woodhead trilogy of terror!!

I started my Ian experience with reading Zombie Dead. I followed up with his other zombie novels. When I picked up Death Throes, I was skeptical. I mean let’s face it, how many writers can write about zombies AND about other stuff, too? Ian does not disappoint. His writing style is uniquely his own, quirky characters & monstrosities that even the most twisted minds would shy from are part of his essence. While none of the three books tie together, the do have a similar feel & flavor. All are brilliantly written, with a few rough spots here & there. Graphic in content, but done with style & finesse, these are a great introduction to Ian’s work. Spores deals with a fungus that starts overtaking our planet, leaving only the young to survive. Just wait until they see the mutations!! Shades of Green is about an invasion that was supposed to begin long ago, but is just now starting, & mutates eveything organic that it touches. Finally, in Third Sight, we deal with demons who choose us for darker purposes than we truly know. This collection is properly named, as we fight in the throes of death.


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