Review posted on December 21, 2011

Now, by this time, Robert & I had become Facebook friends. He was astounded that I had read all of his works that he had available at the time as quickly as I did. As a result, he added me to a group, Kindle Horror Books, and announced that I would be a great candidate to do reviews because I read so fast. This review was the very first of said reviews. Ian Woodhead & I have sinceforth become great friends & I highly recommend ANY of his works.

ZombieDead by Ian Woodhead

★★★★★-Zombie Dead-Not for the Faint of Heart!!

WOW!!! Loved this book!! For those of us residing in the good ole U.S. of A, Ian stays true to his heritage, (there’s a differnece between English English & American English). Comprised of several different characters, who are all basically experiencing the same phenomenon, you find that they all have a commonality you didn’t expect. He also stays true to the genre, let’s face it, flesh eating zombies are flesh eating zombies. You just can’t pretty that up!! And who would want to? The end is quite surprising, a little nugget you forget about whilst engrossing yourself in the little village of Seeton….I highly recommend this book….Welcome to Seeton, take a seat & enjoy the ride.


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