Review posted on December 11, 2011

After reading this book, Don of the Living Dead, I quickly became a HUGE Robert Decoteau fan!! So, I read ALL of his stuff in one day, & posted up reviews. For the record, since I don’t think I’ve said it yet, all of THIS (my blog, getting so involved with the literary world, becoming an editor & reviewer), is HIS fault!!! And, I sooo love him for it!! He helped me to rediscover my love for the zombie genre, and horror in general, along with Mark Clodi, Mark Tufo, Ian Woodhead, and a few other, whom I’ll get to in later posts, and helped me to discover my latest passion for editing & reviewing.  So, I announce to the world, THANK YOU Robert Decoteau!!! You are an awesome friend & an incredible writer!!!

Don of the Living Dead by Robert Decoteau

★★★★★-Don Carver : An Unlikely Hero

This was the first of Robert’s books that I read. While a little rough around the edges (it’s his first novel after all) , I found Robert’s wit & witticism thru the book ti be rather charming …if that’s at all possible in a book filled with flesh eating, ravenous zombies, intent on eating every last morsel of your tender human flesh, right down to the marrow. While Don may perhaps be an unlikely hero, & even a bit of an ass at times , I found myself sympathizing with his plight more often than not. I mean who hasn’t wanted to mill their ex? His creativity in the genre is refreshing, right from the beginning ….Love it, need it, craving more


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