Review posted on April 4, 2012

So, I had already read several of Armand Rosamilia’s books & loved them. We’re friends on Facebook, and last week he posted a plea for help. The person who was going to help him edit a short story kind of bailed on him, & he needed it to be edited ASAP. I, of course, volunteered. As a result, he sent me two others that he wanted to put into a collection of shorts. Bones.Death.Cenote was the result. Armand was kind enough to give me special acknowledgement at the beginning of the book for helping him out. WOW….That’s all I can still say….Just WOW….This was my first official thank you….So, without any further ado, the review….

Bones. Death. Cenote by Armand Rosamilia


Being an Armand Rosamilia fan, I was anxious to read this. I was not disappointed. Our protagonist is the same through out all three stories, each adventure possibly being more deadly than the next. The stories take place within South America, and you immediately get preconceved notions about what may occur. You are not disappointed, & yet there are many surprises headed your way! Thought provoking & intense, Armand stays true to his writing style. Get your copy of this while you can!!! Trust me, you’ll never sleep quite the same again!!!


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