Review posted December 10, 2011

Now, upon looking at this one, I realized that my dear friend, Robert Decoteau, no longer has this collection available. But never fear!! The singles are still available & I shall give you the links to all of them!!! Just keep in mind that my review was of the collection itself, so there isn’t too much detail on the individual stories. Trust me though, all of them are awesome!!! 🙂

Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Compilation by Robert Decoteau

★★★★★-Awesome Zombie Goodness! !!!

So many zombie stories are the same …the dead rise, they eat the living, there are survivors. What makes these books different? Three individual tales, all on the same timeline, all in the same apartment building. Robert Decoteau does an amazing job of character building, even the other characters within a separate tale. It’s not your typical blood & guts feast, but a take on the genre from a very human level. It dares to make you ask yourself….What would you do?


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