Happy Easter!! BWAHHAHAHA!!!

Happy Easter!! BWAHHAHAHA!!!

Welcome to blog post #2!! Just wanted to say Happy Easter to all you horror junkies out there!! I’ve got some things lined up already for SusanMcBlogs….Coming soon, an interview with Jerry W. McKinney, noted author of such titles as In Extremis, Abe, Feed & Takers…A review of Devil Tree by Steve Vernon…and other such ramblings…For those of you who would like it, I also plan on posting the reviews I’ve done so far, as well. Hopefully, it will help out those of you who are looking for that next great horror book, as well as helping out my authors, too!! I also want to give a shout out to Grand Mal Press, who has taken me on as part of their review staff (you can blame Iain Rob Wright, it’s totally all his fault!!) Have a great, safe & tasty Easter everyone!!! (BTW, we better give those bunnies back their eggs…They look pretty mad…) 🙂 Susan


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